How to Write an Effective Resume

When most people begin their search for a high-paying job in their field of choice, they are often required to submit a resume in order to be considered. In short, providing a resume that has been written according to a professional resume template is a great way to catch the interest of the potential employer.

The Cover Letter

Every resume should have a detailed cover letter that the potential employer will read before delving into the rest of the resume’s contents. This cover letter should include personal information about the job seeker and explain why they are the most well-suited candidate for the job. While the resume itself contains information that is relatively bland such as past employers, education and skills, the cover letter provides the job seeker with ample opportunity to show a bit of their personality. Job candidates should remember that the cover letter is the first thing that a potential employer will read, so it is important to catch their interest in only the first couple of sentences.

Statement of Purpose

A statement of purpose is not like the cover letter; it should be derived from facts and provide information that is pertinent to the position being filled. For instance, if an applicant is interested in a retail sales position, they may want to write something like: “Hard working individual with three years of experience in the retail sales industry; seeking a full-time position in sales or marketing. Displayed fantastic people skills, dedication and outstanding leadership qualities and maintained employee scheduling while managing Store XYZ for the last 18 months.” The statement of purpose should be written in third person and be concise and to the point; this length of this example is perfectly acceptable.

Work Experience

There are a few ways in which this information can be organized but work experience should always be listed from the most current to the oldest. Those who do not have much work experience can focus only on the jobs they have had in the last seven years; those who have had plenty of employment opportunities should only list the ones that are related to the position being applied for. Job seekers should never list their salaries or their reasons for leaving a previous job on their resumes; these are questions that will come up in an interview if the prospective employer is interested. List the names of previous employers, dates of employment, locations and the duties that were performed on the job.


This section of a resume is self-explanatory for the most part; applicants will be required to list all of their education from high school and up. If the applicant’s high school education was preparatory, then the classes taken that are relevant to the job should be listed here. Secondary schooling should also be listed; include the name of the college or technical school, the dates attended, and any degrees that were earned as a result. School-based extracurricular activities should only be listed if they are pertinent to the position that the employer is looking to fill.

A well-written, organized resume is a very important tool when it comes to finding a prestigious and well-paying job. The best way to present a professional resume template is to use proper spelling and grammar, good organizational skills, and keep information brief but to the point. At we offer resume templates that will help you create a job winning resume.

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